5 Digital artists who I think are cool.

1. Richard Davies: To be honest, this is one of a few selections I picked today. Regardless, I think this guy makes posters that rival Drew Struzan's hand painted movie posters.

2. J.R. Schmidt: I looked up this artist up recently as well. The image above is outstanding coloring, texture, and overall composition. Not all of his work is this detailed but he really excels at texture.

3. Gigi D.G.: Most people know her through her sketch-like parody comics of video games, but her original work is very soft and vibrant in color. Cucumber Quest is her original webcomic that pokes fun at adventure-quest stories (akin to what you find in video games) while also hiding a darker truths underneath. It gets cooler in later chapters when she experiments with different coloring styles.
4. Piti Yindee: This one I also follow for his webcomic Wuffle. I just like the line work, color and all over design that's reminiscent of old Disney-style cartoons. I also like how because the comic (usually) has a monthly schedule, the artwork doesn't have a consistent look but is constantly improving in detail.

5. In stark in contrast to the last two, here is Anton Semenov. Again I have to admit I just found this person today, but his work is pretty stunning as well. As mush as I like super soft artwork, I also have an affinity for the creepy and unsettling and Anton comes through with monster-like designs, thorny wood textures, and very muted coloring. His wouldn't look out-of-place next to Tim Burton or Henry Selick.

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