5 Digital Artists

First artist is Jake Souva. I like his style because it’s very reminiscent on my childhood and makes me think of the type of images in storybooks I would read.

Second artist is Chris Parks. I like that he has teamed up and worked for companies like Nike and Hurley and that he sells his own digital artwork on something that can be mass produced.

Third artist is Jeff Huang. I like this piece because it’s very surrealistic. It’s cool to see it in digital form when as a movement, surrealism started before the technology era.

Fourth artist is Thomas Pringle. I really enjoy that even though it is a digital artwork, it very much resembles a painting in which it has a texture that looks like paint strokes.

 Final artist is James M. Smith. After taking typography, I have a found respect for type. I also like intricate detail and scroll work. This poster really amplifies both aspects I enjoy.

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