Five Digital Artists - Salina

The first is Isamu Kamikokuryo. He does background designs for Square Enix, a major Japanese video game company. A lot of his work has more recently been seen for Final Fantasy games. I love who it looks like a painting but still is completely all digital work done on a tablet.

Second is Lois van Baarle. She's a freelance digital artist located in the Netherlands. Her artwork works with a lot of layers, slowly coming together into one piece (As shown above). Her style is also in the way of a digital painting, which I absolutely love.

Third is Monty Oum. He was a freelance 3D animator and model until he was hired by Rooster Tooth to work on the 3D animation show RWBY, (The characters shown above). I loved his 3D artwork and had always been a fan of all his animations, inspiring me to do the same.

Fourth is Ilya Kuvshinov. She's also a freelance digital artist and is located in Japan. A lot of work also deals with a lot of layers (The gif showing this) and and painting techniques in Photoshop. Her style of artwork is one of my favorites.

Last but not least is George Kamitani. He's the president of the video game company, VanillaWare, in Japan. His art is very exaggerated when it comes to the figures and backgrounds. He does most of the artwork for his company and his art style doesn't change even when in actual gameplay, example of the dragon scene above. He is my ultimate inspiration to video game artwork.

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