Isabel 5 Digital Artists

Sam Spratt: His work to me is more traditional looking and also looks more painterly. There are interesting aspects of the textures he uses. 

Alberto Seveso: His work is more well-known (he has done work for Adobe that is featured on startup screens in CC). This series of work is more experimental and it produces an interesting quality. The variety of inks interacting with water and one another is definitely appealing to look at. 

Alex Solis: I’ve always liked his subject matter (popular culture, superheroes, etc). I like the cartoony feel to his work. 

Matthew Lyons: Always has a sci-fi look to it as well because of the care he takes to construct these futuristic settings. 

Caleb Heisey: I like his use of texture and color to create moods. The Witching Hour is a children’s book he has illustrated. 

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