Conceptual Self Portrait Idea

For this conceptual self portrait, I was thinking about who I am, and what makes me me, and the things I enjoy.  I started to think about the things that make me truly happy, such as art and music.  Monday night, I was front row at a concert, right there where I could (and did) reach out and touch the band.  The singer of Issues reached out and touched my hand, and through the adrenaline I experienced a moment of intense true happiness and excitement like none other.  So I thought about the pictures I took there, and if I could possibly use one for this assignment.  So I grabbed this picture from the show.

I want to play with interiors and exteriors with this, and see what I can do with it to place it in a surreal scenario, and create a representation of my "Happy Place." I've considered putting it in something associated with happiness such as a gazebo in a non-realistic manner, however I'm still deciding how to present it and going through ideas of different places.  I'm debating incorporating my physical self in it somehow, and how I'd want to do that.  

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