Be Happy!

As i mentioned previously, i want to make simple programs on java to make people happy when they use the programs that i made. Sometimes, the most wonderful thing can simple be created by the simplest thing. All of my work, i always want to bring the idea of being happy to the next level because life is stressful by itself already, so just be happy, be motivative more often, and life will become easier and easier as we go. I know we should not always be happy because that's insane; we want to be sad, want to be alone and i respect that. But, rarely that i hear somebody complain about the fact that they are too happy, and want to be sad instead. This is the video of the programs i made and the people who participated on the game. To reciprocate their contribution as being good friends, i made them each individually a portrait of themselves using the code text that was in the games/programs they played.


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