Collage Collection

Kate Shaw
I really enjoy this collage. It has rich, complimentary colors overlapping to creates the illusion on depth. The work is composed in acrylic and resin which is a medium that I am trying to explore more.

Sharon CummingsI love the mix of abstract and literal to create atmosphere. I enjoy that this is a landscape collage.

Joan Fullerton
The colors compliment each other well, but my favorite aspect of this collage is how pieces overlap with a gentle, feathering technique.

Val BrittonI really enjoy all the different textures used in this piece. It reminds me of Matthew Ritchie; which is a style I adopted into my own work.

Matthew Ritchie
I have been a fan of Matthew Ritchie for the past year and fell in love with his use over overlapping colors and textures. He works in digital, drawing, paints, and sculptural forms. Even though this particular work is 2d he has created a sense of depth for the viewer.

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