Collages found!

 This collage has a vintage taste  in it and also, it described a woman and what would it be the things on her mind.

This collage contains a lot of sculptures and artworks from the history, as an art student, it would be helpful when i look at this collage because it reminds me of the knowledge that i have learned.

This collage has a modern taste into it, it describes a city that i really want to visit - New York. Also, because i tend to do double major, 1) Printmaking, 2) Graphic Design, so it helped me a lot looking at it and see what the artists nowadays using to design.

This collage is amazing because it depicts a face of a geisha. I'm influenced a lot by Japanese arts so i love this one a so much.

This collage seems a little bit messy in my opinion; however, it does give me the illusion of space when i look at it. i see the stars, the waves of the ocean and so on.

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